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Minimally Invasive Surgery Research Center

Iran University of Medical Sciences

Research Projects and Theses

Date : Monday 4/29/2019 , Visits : 112

  • Effects of probiotics supplementation on serum level of lipopolysaccharides, inflammatory factors, gut hormones and some nutrients in obese patients undertake going gastric bypass surgery
  • Assessment of probiotics supplementation effect on weight, serum vitamins, glucose, lipid profile, inflammatory factors  and liver steatosis in morbid obese patients undertaking  bariatric surgery
  • Evaluation of Ca , P , PTH , vitD blood level of morbid obese patient refer to Rassol-e-Akram hospital
  •  Evaluation of eficacy of hepatitis B vaccine in obese patients who are candidates for Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery
  • The prevalence of low level of ( HB and Ferritin and serum Vit B12) in patients with Morbid obesity
  • Evaluation of changes of weight and biomarkers (Hb, B12) after laparoscopic mini gastric bypass